Comfort Fresh Fabric Conditioner Bottle (1.5 ltr)

Detergents take a lot away from our clothes and Comfort Lily Fresh Fabric Conditioner aims to give that back.
Old price: ₹ 299.00
Price: ₹ 281.76

The fabric conditioner keeps the fibres smoother so that clothes feel soft and gentle. Add long lasting fragrance, softness and shine this variant is sure to bring some floral freshness to your clothes.

Get the Comfort Lily Fresh Fabric Conditioner in a large 800 ml bottle, now! Give your clothes the care they deserve.Comfort is a Fabric conditioner that cares for your clothes & gives them much more than a detergent.Adds a long lasting freshness you can experience even 14 days after rinsing in Comfort.

  • Long Lasting Fragrance: Clothes remain fresh and fragrant for up to 14 days after washing.
  • Softness: Comfort smoothens the fibers, thereby providing them with a rich softness that makes them a delight to wear.
  • Unbeatable Shine: With each wash, fibers tend to turn dull and lifeless. Using Comfort will ensure your clothes retain their shine and color, for a long time.